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201803 Botanical

When I finished my study I did marry. It was 1975 and the first thing I did was changing our appartment in a kind of tropical jungle.

High growing big plants in pots along the walls, glass shelves high on the walls from which hanging plants tumbled down.

And of course there were macramee-nets with pots too.


My love for big plants stems from that time.

I do have some in my house now.

This uear one of the trends has yo do with big plants. Real [;ants, but also printed on wallpaper,duvets, cushions etc etc.

I did have a frame made of many small frames, bought some years ago and not ever used.

I did think the botanical theme would be fine for this frame.

Here a picture of it ( click to enlarge)

And here some details.

Do you like the botanical theme as a trend?

If yes, what is your favourit deco-item?

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