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Dear readers,

First and foremost I do wish you all a happy and healthy 2019.

Some of you may have noticed that I did not write these past months. And for a longer time did not post about my artworks.

Well that is because I did not make any art at all. I was not healthy enough  to make any.

There were some bloodtests that showed somewhere in my body was an inflamation, I did not have enough vitamin D3 in my blood although I daily consume 5 times the daily dose. And my liver and kidneys were not doing well. In december I finally found the right kind of doctor to help me and his medication helped me to get some energy to do waiting tasks. I wanted those tasks out of the way before giving in to my returning urge to create art again.

And then disaster struck.

On december I did fall and injured my  left ankle. Since then everything what could go wrong with healing is going wrong. So I am still not able to stand on my left footh, let alone walking. And I am in so much pain that I can create nothing.

So today I only do have a link for you. It is to the latest post of the blog of Steve McCurrey and I do hope you will enjoy it.

my birthsign

addition: Only after 3 weeks of severe pain my GP made it possible for me to get my ankle x-rayed. It showed my ankle was broken 😦 Now I am in plaster, but the plaster doesn/t fit well. So it has to be removed and replastered.

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