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A bright lady and a kind of doodle

Dear readers,

today I have 2 pictures from you of recent work.

One is a painting on canvas, called ‘Bright Lady’.

I used a painting from someone else (Visual Atelier) to digital alter it to the background I showed you here .

I did print it once on white paper and once on orange paper.

The one on white paper I transferred to a canvas and then I went on with  stamps and different kinds of markers to add more interest and layering;  the one printed on orange paper I cut to circles ( using dies and my vagabond), I glued te circles to the background. Ans I added some little things with markers again.



I used Sizzix dies and my vagabond to cut out a set of (angel) wings and glued them to the canvas. Then with very glossy “irisierendes medium” (Reeves) I painted the silhouette of a woman.

Then I used glossy medium to glue mica flakes ( gold, art ingredients by Finnabair) as a frock on her.

Especially when lighted with a halogene spot she is marvellous to see.


The second work is a kind of doodle made wit artists pens from Faber Castell ( sepia, 4 different sizes) and the metallics in copper, blue and green. I also used Faber Castell’s ecco pigment 0,5 to lightly sketch inside the border with black. The vivid red is from a Sakura glaze pen.



If you use a glaze pen make sure you colour a part totally and not partial to continue later. The glaze hardens a bit 3-dimensional and it is hard to restart glazing without showing a little white on the borders.

The metallic pitt pens  do feel a little ‘harsh’ while used, as if there is ome grit at the pentip, but they have a very nice effect. You can stop colouring halfway and resume later without showing it has been done in stages. And unlike normal felttipped pens it does not show each different stroke when dry.

I do have them in four colours, but as soon as I have money I will buy some more colours.

What is/are your favourite tool (s) ?

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