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A new Printer

My former printer was an inktjet-printer. One of Epson’s photoprinters. And indeed, it did print photo’s/pictures perfectly. I think I bought that printer some 9 or 10 years ago and it kept working perfect till last autumn.

Then, due to personal circumstances, I was not able to do much work and I did not use my printer.

In Januari I needed to print a lot of letters, but alas, my printer did not work well. I emailed the Epson helpdesk and they explained to me that due to not be used the canals through with the ink had to be jettonized had become clogged. I had to use a help=program to declog those canals ( spuitmondjes in Dutch). I tried to do so and during that proces my printer seemd to become an inkaholic because one by one all cartridges became empty.

But because the process thus far seemed to have worked well ( although not yet ready) I decided to buy 2 sets of cartridges. But in my village I could not buy them so I had to do that online. It took a few days for the cartidges to arrive and when they did I was occupied by some other things that needed to be done.

So a forthnight later I started the declogging program again and became aware that in the past 3 weeks the opened canals had clogged again. I started the proces again but halfway I was halfway my cartridges.

Yes, said the helpdesk, declogging the system may cost one inkcartridge per colour if not more.

My beautifull Epson prnter used  6 different colours of ink and to have to buy so many cartridges was too expensive for me. Well, you all will have noticed that nowadays the inkcartridges are often more expensive than buying a new printer, even an all-in-one. But offcourse a new printer would be vulnerable to the same thing: If, due to circumstances, I would not use the printer for say a month everything could be clogged again.

And the high quality of that Epsomprinter had spoiled me, no other photoprinter could do what my Epson could.

So, now what?

Meanwhile all sorts of letters had to be written to all sorts of governemental organisations and although I could make them in my computer my village has no shop or such where you could go with files on a memory-stick to have them printed. So I had to write all those letters by hand.

I started to think about buying a black-and-white laser printer. Laser printers do not clog. Their thoner could be used even after years of not being used. They were more expensive than inkjetprinters but not very much more expensive. But well, black and white is only black printing and I used my Epson even more for pictures ( in for instance my altered books) than for textfiles, so would I realy like to buy ablack and white printer or would it be better to buy a colour-laser-printer? Yes  i would like to buy a colourprinter, but well, the expences…

I could not decide.

So I kept up with handwriting all sorts of letters and trying to save every penny I could.

I started to sell my big dollhouse and double household things or things I knew I would never use again ( such as an electric gourmet-set) and lots of cups and saucers and wineglasses and….

And then one of the governemental organisations wanted me to fill in a ( 4 paged ) form and wanted copies of nine files, some of them over 20 pages each.

I did have all those files, but on my comp, not on paper. And some of these files I would be able to buy on paper ( bankfiles) for a high price per page. But the others I would not be able to deliver on paper and I only had 14 days to send them. I phoned them and asked if it was okay if I burned those files on a cd or dvd and send that with the form.

They (understandably) refused. If I could not deliver those files on time it would cost me a few hundred euro’s. So I decided to buy a laser-printer. A colour laser printer.

Because of the vulnarabilty of ink for water I could never use prints of my Epson in my work on canvasses, not even transfer it to a canvas.

The print by a laser printer is waterproof so now I have been able to try out different tranferring methodes from print to canvas or wood.

I am learning how to do so and how to make some things in a drawing program on my comp ( used before only in playing, never tried to make something serious because I could not have used it anyway).

Now I have made 2 prints, one of them allready transferred to a canvas to become a beautifull background ; 1 waiting to be processed further.

I like to show both to them today. Maybe one or more of them will turn into a canvas I like to share with you. I do hope so.



metallic metamorhosis

metallic metamorphosis

I do hope you will like them and I also do hope to hear from you how you feel about a printed and then tranferred background on a canvas. Would you see that as real art? Or would you feel it as cheating?


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