• Cécile Graven

A nomination… and a cuddle

There are some art-groups on facebook from which I am a member.

One is the group Kunstliefhebbers (Artlovers would be the best translation I think). Once a year the owners of the group do make a video showing a few of the works posted in this group.

Here on You Tube you can see the video. In it is one of my works. That makes me proud 🙂

One of the owners, Conny Neyt, did nominate me for The World Art Marathon. That has made me proud too 🙂 I was allowed to show five of my works .

For some personal reasons this was a very sad week for me and my family.

My tears did  influence  even my cat Benno. For the first time in 3 years he got his toy-mouse out of the basket and took it with him to sleep. I think I must give him lots of love and extra care coming days.


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