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About me

Because I like to share my art with the world I did start this blog. I am not a regular writer, because my art-works are not finished in a regular ritme. Some works took months, some projects are finished in a day. Due to the fact I do have many food-allergies I have added many recipes ( in het Nederlands/ in Dutch) I tried out or invented.

What kind of art work do I make? Mixed Media, well… it just means I use different media to work with, acryl, pastels, fabric, thread, nails, wood, copper etc. I can make paintings on canvas, assemblages on wood, configuration boxes or altered books..I like to pimp wooden boxes.. New to my work are the art-books. Off all those kinds of work you will be able to find examples in this blog. Find them by using the tags-cloud.

Although looking different,all my works from recent years have one thing in common: they all invite you to look deeper than the first layer. Look real good. Change from looking to seeing. And use your imagination. Travel by mind even deeper than my art can show. Enjoy my work, enjoy the colours.

About me

My name is Cécile C. Graven

Until February 2016 I lived with my old mother and cat Benno in a big house in a small village in Friesland, Netherlands. End Januari my mother moved to a home for old people with dementia. She died 31 May 2020 . I still miss her dearly. I am a woman in my sixties, I have been married for many years and divorced in 2014. I love gardening, I love nature, the landscape, I love to take pictures of it, esp. pictures of trees. Those loves are mostly emerging in my altered books. I love to explore how colours do influence other colours, but also how different materials do influence each other. I like to use metallic paints and shiny ink-mists esp in my abstract paintings. I love it when people do see more in my paintings and drawings than I knew I did put in.

I like dreamy things, the fairy world,and other strange unexplained phenomena and artifacts like giant skeletons or ufo’s. Sometimes I hide hints to them in my work.

If you want to know more feel free to add comments to my blog or email to me at ceciledotgraven@hotmaildotnl

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