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Abstract 2020-1

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

As I said in an earlier blog   I am not longer  able to paint as I like and I have to make paintings i a rough abstract way. Due to also using stamps I like the two paintings I did make this year.

The very first I did make did have to do with an addition to my interior. I did buy a very dark chair, called in Dutch a ‘Sta-op-stoel’. It is a chair that helps me to go out from it, but also allows me to  lay down with my legs up and sleep in it.

the teal chair

Anyway, its colour a dark teal or a dark turquoise, made me make a painting using that colour and the dark orange that will stay a part of my interior.  The painting is made on the base of strips of an old canvas that was damaged. I glued the strips on another canvas.

I do hope you will like this painting  🙂

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