• Cécile Graven

Alittle bit of crafting

Hi my friends,

do you like my very rusty little solar lantern ?

IMG_3725 copiy

Well, it is not rusty at all. I bought it in an Action-shop, that is something like a dollar-store . It then looked like terra-cotta although it is some kind of plastic. After a few months in the yard the side that was sun-exposed turned a creepy sort of pink. So I used the past 2 rainy days to make it look old and rusty.

If the varnish is dry tomorrow I will bring it outside again . I am curious how the paint will hold on in winter.

Have you ever made a thing look old and rusty? If yes: What was the object and did it fulfill  your expectation?

#lantern #rustpaint #terracotta

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