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Another kind of Blogs

Dear readers,

untill today this blog was dedicated only to Art. More especially to art made by me.

Past months have been very busy. Although I continued to make art ( only slower) I could not find the time to make pictures of it and show my work to you. I do hope to correct that soon.

Some of you may have seen that I was also blogging on another page ( A blog called Aandeketting). About my life in a small village ( some 3300 people), the care I had for my mother, my cat. Pictures of  my garden, the landscape, nature and lots of trees. To that blog I rarely wrote past months.So I have decided to close that blog down and integrate coming blogs about my village life here.

I will have to change the categories my blogs belong to and I will have to add other tags. But because I have changed to English instead of Dutch I have to do that anyway.

It will take some time, but I do hope it will lead to a more frequent posting of blogs and I do hope you will keep enjoying reading this blog. Or better: enjoy it even more !

Thanks for reading so far. CU


foto’s en pentekeningen

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