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# ARTIfact 12

Hi Guys, Cécile here. What’s up?

(yeah I am parafrasing  Tyler from Secureteam, one of my favorite youtubr-channels.

Ofcourse I know that most of my followers here are women, but I liked to advertise Secureteam)

Posting this work has been overdue, I finished it about 14 days ago.

But my body was not working with me, so it was hard to make a picture.

And you can see it is a terrible picture, the square looks more like a diamond.

Artifact 12

I love this painting, I do mot know why. But it is speaking to me.

Maybe because it is the first non-mixed-media I made.

It is pure acrylic and it is abstract.

In between I have finished 2 more paintings, but they are not worth showing.

And I continue working at 2 books, the one about the sea and the one about leaves.

And I am trying for over a month now to paint a seascape but it is not going as I want it to.


Suggestions for a title of this artifact are welcome, just as any comments.

Thanks for visiting.

#schilderijen #art #kunst #artforsale #ARTIfacts #tekoop #acrylic

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