• Cécile Graven

# ARTifact 27 Streams of Hope

Dear Readers,

as promissed the pictures of my last pouring.

I love the colours, turquoise, light green, dark blue, orange , a pinky lilac and a mixture of all these.

It is a painting that, I think, can be viewed with all sides up or down.

But by naming it I did hold it with the darkblue at the underside in the right corner.

Then the streams look like the patterns of seafoam.

And the soft colours, esp the pinkish lilac did reminf me of Hope.

Hope mankind these days need very badly to get to believe that Earth and all living things on it may survive those times of pain, fright, hate and madness.

Streams of Hope




Blessed be and please try not to loss the hope that the times will turn to be better.


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