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# ARTIfact 8

Hi all,

welcome today.

Although the wind is strong and cold, there is some sun today. So I have been busy for a while in my front garden where  a campanula was overgrowing even the vinca minor. Today the strong wind blew away all the leaves of the flowers of the Amalanchier, so I show you a picture of a few days back:

But this post is about ART.

ARTIfact 8 is a box again, but this time a bigger box and made to keep smaller ARTIfacts.

It is also a kind of recycling-product, because f.i. I used an old strong cardboard box, some tidbits of designerpaper and a metal butterfly I did find on the street. A little wooden wash-peg holds two labels.

I used some metal embellishments to strenghten the 4 bottomcorners.

I have some mixed feelings about this box, cannt decide if I like the colourcombination or not.

What do you think?



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