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#ARTIfacts 7

Hopefully you liked the teasers about this project.

And did you guess (right) what the project would be?

Somewhere I did read that witches and such do make “realisation-boxes”.  You put pictures or descriptions of your (material) wish(es) into a specially made box and think of it often. On a certain moment in time you will have put so much energy in the box ( well.., into the idea in the box) that it will become realized, becomes real.

A sort of willing it to make happen.

I think that is the kind of thing Lisa did find in the old derelict House.

I think that such kind of boxes must be made looking special (because ofcourse you don’t want to throw it away with a lot of old shoeboxes while springcleaning, won’t you?).

This box made from sturdy cardboard is 20 x 20 cm and 5 cm high.

And ofcourse I used diecuts made by dies designed by Seth Apter.

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What do you think of this box? What would you put in it if it was yours?

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