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Tears are saline water. Right? No. Wrong.

Some years ago it was discovered that when you are stressed and you cry stresshormones are flushed out of your system.

Now scientists did discover that the chemistry of tears differ with the kind of emotion that makes you cry.

Tears of happines  differ in chemistry from tears of anger. Tears of fear differ from tears of pain. Regret may make your tears bitter indeed. And a different chemistry makes a different structure.

I have seen some pictures (by an electron microscope) of  different sorts of tears and their patterns speak to me.

In a way they do remind me of geographical maps ( and I like to make drawings based on those maps).

So in my art journal I did make some sketches of tear-patterns. Not to forget them.

I used Inktense pencils to add a bit of colour.

What do you think about this discovery about tears?

different types of tears

different types of tears

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