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Blue book

In 2013 I did make an altered book called: Bluebook

While working at the update of this site and making the pages showing the items that can  be bought I accidently removed the blogpost about it.

I like to show it anyway so I decided to make a new blog about this book.

frontcover and side

The name Bluebook comes from Project Bluebook, a (then secret) project by the American Government to debunk all stories about flying saucers, other UFO’s and Extraterrestials (or aliens).

Project Bluebook was not the first of its kind, nor the last.

We now know that even Presidents ( like Kennedy and Clinton)  have not been givin intel when they asked about it. All knowledge about this field of interest is hijacked bij the Industrial-Militairy Complex. And every civilian talking about having seen an UFO is still called a nutter, although ten-thousands of people on Earth have seen  them ( and photgraphed or filmed what they did see ).

(If you would like to know more about that visit the Disclosure-site of Dr Adam Greer or the youtube channel by Secureteam10 )

Anyway, although my Bluebook has a part about the projects by the American Governement it starts  with a part filled with beautifull pictures of blue things.

And then there are cropcircles, lots of them.

one of many pages

And because cropcircles seem te be related to the sacred geometry there is a bit about that too.

lots of symbols sacred geometry

It is a thick book filled with a lot of interesting things.

Language is dutch.

But I am sure the future buyer will like/love this book even if he or she does not read dutch.

What do you think? An interesting book? Or something for Mad Hatters?



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