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Bumblebees / Hommels ( Sold/Verkocht)

Dear Friends, I like bumblebees. I am allergic to the venom of wasps, so one reason to love bumblebees is that , although they may have a red/yellow striped pattern, they differ in size enough to know for certain they are not wasps.  I enjoy the noises they make, the loud zooooooooooooom. Sometimes when they are in the flowers of the hollyhocks and I cannot see them, I know they are their because they sing their summer song.

And I love them for having a soft coat of hairs. Not many bugs have a coat of hair, as far as I know. Did you know some  bumblebees have more hairs than a red squirrel ? Such an amazing fact.

Well, anyway, I decided to make a small booklet with a story  (dutch language) in which are bumblebees.

I did buy some long brads to try them out  instead of rope in bookbinding and well, it turned out not too bad, although I had difficulties aligning 3 holes through cardboard and pages of heavy  paper. I used some gellyplates to decorate the paper.

Here are some pictures.





I do hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures.

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