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colours 2 and a bit more

Dear readers,

in the earlier post about colours I did show you my experiments with layering with coloured pencils on writing paper.

Today I show you how the same technique looks when done on normal drawing paper. (click on the pictures to enlarge them .)

But I want to show you something more.

different colours and different shapes

different colours and different shapes

at first I layered with a lot of blues and over that I did layer with all my greens

I used Derwent soft.

Although I am not finished with the prepairing of the next altered book I could not stop myself from making something for the insiude allready. I did the drawing with artists pitt pens from Faber Castell, colours come from Derwent Inktens pencils. I did it on drawing paper instead of on aquarel-paper, so the ink got a little blurred.

the start

the start

later that day:


dry colours

the colours are wet:

I cannot paint fire, that is for sure, but I do hope anyone can see that it is meant to be fire.

In the book it will be accompagnied with text.

Do you like it so far?

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