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David Hockney and I.

Dear all, nice of you to visit this blog again.

If you have read the page ‘about my work and me’ you maybe have noticed that what drives me to paint it is that I do hope people will not longer only look at things but SEE things.

So it rang a bell of recognition when I read somewhere that David Hockney has said: ” You have to look hard to see.”.

Untill that time I did not know much about David Hockney. A famous Englishman living in the USA and painting peoples in swimmingpools. A very good painter indeed. Painting people is not easy. Painting water is not easy, And painting people in water is a big thing ( I Think).


By now I know he lives in the UK again  and is painting very great and big paintings of the landscapes. I do not know what the max is but one of the paintings I saw was made on 16 canvasses. Big indeed. And great.

Why am I telling you about David Hockney?

Well, because we have something in common.

Not our painting, he is an advanced master where I am a toddler.

But he is figuring out a thing I am wrestling about since I started painting.

It has to do with the viewpoint.

I’ll try to explain.

Say you have a still-life and you want to pay it as realistic as possible.

And you succeed.

If you frame it and hang it on a wall everyone would say: well that is a good painting. So realistic. It could have been a picture/photograph.

And that is excactly what I am wrestling about.

I do like to take pictures of a lot of things. In a way it is like painting: catching some 3-dimensional object/view in a 2-dimensional painting/picture.

But when I look to the different items in a still life arangement I change my view each time. I look to the middle front, my eyes zoom in and out, I llok to the right front, my eyes zoom in and out, I look top the left front and my eyes..   And then I will take one or two steps to the left and  I look… And then I take a few steps to the right and…

You see? I differ my viewpoint in many ways.

Say I am on a wooden jetty, some 3 metres above the water. Direct in front of me is a harbour. In it are small fishing-vessels. I look down upon them and see their decks and the roofs of their cabins. I look behind the ships. Right behind the ships a big rock is rising from the sea. maybe it is a hundred metres high and above it I can see the upper part of a lighthouse.

If I want to take a photograph that shows all of that magnificent landsape I cannot. To be able to take the picture in one shot I should have been on a larger distance, but there there is no jetty.

If I want to have a photograph I must take more pictures in a vertical panorama way. But if I ‘stitch’ those pictures together the total picture would look weird. Not realistic at all.  The viewpoints do not harmonise.

And if I would make a realistic painting of this great view, how must I do that?

I don’t know, I am wrestling with that. How can I incorporate different viewpoints in one painting still showing something realistic?

Maybe David Hockney’s apintings can teach me that.

If you like to see the most recent work of David Hockney ( as far as I know) pleae have a look at this documentary on You Tube.you tube

Thank you for your visit. Your comments and likes are very welcome.

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