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Finally finished : The leaf- and leaves book

Dear readers,

Finally  finally finally ‘het blad- en bladerboek ‘ is finished. ( yes it is a book in the dutch language).

I have shown you parts of it here and here.

Today I will show some more.

At first the front and the back.. and the little things on threads. Do you like it?



And some more about the inside.

This is the backside of the frontcover. I am in doubt about how much of the sackcloth I must allow to peek out. Shall I trim it a bit? What do you think?

inside the frontcover

And some pages I added or changed since march

even more leaves

more insects

more birds

Well that it is my friends.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading this blog and thanks in advance for if you post a like or – even better- a comment.


This item will be added to the page books for sale.


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