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Guides from Nature or The Old Wisdom

Today I finished my newest book.

In this post I will show you parts of it and explain why I have written it.

I do hope you will enjoy both.






Once we could communicate with all living things around us, I think.Maybe not with each indivual plant or animal, but at least with each ‘Great Spirit”of all the species.

Due to Spiritualism I associate the word Spirit with Ghosts. And Ghosts are not what I mean, certainly not. So instead of the word Spirit or Great Spirit I like to use the word Deva, meaning Angel in Sanskrite.

I believe that like each human being having his/her own Guardian Angel, animals and plants have their Deva, one per specie. Not one for each living being but one for each group of animals, say one for tigers, one for all crocodiles,one for all redplumed woodpeckers and so on. ( I think that the difference is that each human being has an individual soul and other living beings on Earth have community-souls. But that aside.)

I believe that what we, as human beings, did learn from nature came at first to us by communicating to the Deva of a certain species.

But the more we became ‘grounded’ the more we lost that ability and we left that communication in the hands of Shamanes, High Priests, Prophets and so on. We became too dense materialistic to be able to communicate on higher frequencies.

Nowadays we learn from other living beings by watching them or dissecting them or analyse them chemicaly. We learn the very dense materialistic things about them, most of the time harming them while doing so.

Now the time has come to change all that.

We have to move to a higher frequency, a higher state of consiousness.

To learn again the old wisdom we have to take the lessons from the ones who still have that knowledge, the socalled Pagans, the Shamanes, the Witches.

And from the Devas.



To help one of you to communicate with the Devas of the different species I have made an altered book. It shows you some ‘spells’ to communicate with the Deva of 4 different species, it teaches you how to make your own spells for the animals or plants or rocks you want to learn from.


It offers plenty of place for you to jot down your ‘spells’ ( and the outcome of your asking).

plenty of space for your own notes

plenty of space for your own notes

You will love the inside, you will love the outside.


A unique piece of art, much much more than a book of spells or a book of shadows.



If you are interested to buy this unique book email to me ( cecile.graven @ hotmail.nl   without the spaces) with your adress and we can discuss price and shipping costs. There is only one book, so the first buyer is the only buyer.

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