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Hi Friends,

sorry for the long time since last post.

My health and two heatwaves stopped me from creating much and from finishing creations even more. But today I am able to show you something. A few months ago I bought a kit for making an artjournal. Two squares of some woody material, 12 white pages, a bunch of stickers and a pink page.

Maybe you allready know I have mixed feelings about artjournals. stamps/

So I would not create an artjournal. But I did think about making a book fit for a diary.

I do not know how you feel about diearies, but I think only 2 kind of people do write each fay Dear Diary. today I blah blah blah. The first kind are teenage girls. They need a place to vent about boys and girlfriends that are o good friends. The second kind are people who expect to became famous one day and they need the stuff for their memoires.

For those 2 kinds of diary users this little book is not fit. It has only one page plus its backside per month. And on each pageside is/are 1 tot 3 stickers to stop the fear for starting to write on a blanc page.O and it closes with a piece of golden elastic band.

I have changed the rings from the kit, that is holding together the book, for bigger rings, so you can add more pages.

If you wanna buy it, please contact me so we can discuss the price including shippingcosts ( at ceciledotgraven@hotmaildotnl)

detail of the frontcover with real copper feather and embossingpowder

The embossingpowder is Vintage beeswax from Seth Apter. The words in structure paste are made with a few of his stencils.


The embossingpowder used around the word ‘transform’ and on the copper feather is Patina oxide ( same emboosingpowder line).

I do love how it shows 2 colours.

inside 1

Here you can see the pink paper that came with the kit. At the back of the frontcover I have added a small plastic back containing stickers and such.

inside 2

Here you see the flipside of July and the first pageside for August.


a lot of blingbling in 2 colours, some cuteness and  a piece of a bookpage coated with aforementioned vintage beeswax.

detail of backcover

Thanks for reading this blog my friends. Comments and likes are welcome as always.

Hope to see you soon again.

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