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last day of 2019, last altered book finished in 2019

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Hi dear followers and friends,

First of all the wish that you all may have a wonderfull and happy 2020.

Second : Just in time I did finish the making of the altered book  Ware en onware verhalen  ( True and untrue stories, all stories are in Dutch) and for the first time ever I have incorporated in this book several short stories. Every one of these have their own tab.

Furthermore of course some glittering pages, some paint, some diecuts, etc. Just those things you would expect  from seeing in my altered books.

Because I did finish this book I do need to make some space in my showcase, so not long from now I would start a sale ! Watch for it, esp. if you have been thinking about buying one of my books or paintings.  And you know everyone is one copy only so everyone is unique.

(BTW I will not make work in commission for about 3 months, my body requiers some more healingtime )

Okay, here are some pictures to give you an impression of this book:


inside front cover, the abouts on this book

The first short story

half a page in the first story

and another

another story

one of the diecuts in this book (design Seth Apter)

keltic design

Dragons  illustration with a short story

dragons pedigree

the end of another short story and the beautiful birth’s card from the first grandchild of my stepbrother Peter

a black page for nature dying

The thing we have to fight for: to be able to keep HOPE

Hope you did enjoy this trailer 🙂  And you know, it is for sale 🙂

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