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Leave through the leaf – and leaves book (2) (SOLD VERKOCHT )

As promissed here  I will show you a bit more about this book. It is far from finished, but it is a big joy to work in it.

And the meat we eat comes largely from animals eating grasses.

Pictures from the same encyclopedia and 3 diecuts ( of handpainted paper) of 3 animals, another fox, an owl and a chipmunk ( ?). Yeah I know owls are not blue, purple and green, but I liked that piece of paper so much and the owl just did fit in 😉

What do you think of this book sofar?

Aside from working in this book I am working in/on  another book too  ( De Zee. The Sea ), but that will come later.

And I have made a new project I like to introduce with … well.. a teaser…

Please leave a comment to tell me if you would like to see ( parts off) The Sea  or the Teaser first.



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