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Leave through the leaf – and leaves book (VERKOCHT SOLD )

Leave through the leaf – and leaves book.. in dutch that is Blader door het Blad en Bladeren Boek.

As you see, in English you have just Leaves and Leaf… in dutch there are 3 words: Blader, Blad, Bladeren. And of course after all those B’s there is the Book-B 😉 I like the alteration.

The urge to alter old books, I do not know where it comes from. But although only a month has passed since I finished(  The Dream ) De Droom I could not resist to start another.

Most of the time I only show here on this blog the finished books, but I did think maybe you like to see this book while it is ‘processed’. Part of that idea is that I make more pictures of this book to add them to the project #ARTIfacts. ( see here.)

As always  making this book started with tearing out a lot of pages, glueing them in bundles. This time I used alot of exsisting papers to keep those glued bundles together. Then I used invisible gesso to coat all the pages.

And the the fun started.

The first page:


And more:


I like to put some little jokes in my books:


And ofcourse there are lots of leaves:





And the animals that live between leaves and twigs and trees and flowers…


what do you think about leaving through this book so far?


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