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Missed me?

“Missed me?”, the thing Sherlock heard when Moriaty entered his life again.

Well, I don’t want to introduce Genius and Criminal to this blog, but maybe you have noticed I have not posted blogs for a while. And I do hope you missed them.

The fact is that I did break my ankle in the night between first and second Christmasday.

Due to the stupidity and stuborness of both my GP’s ( a couple) I had to walk/stumble 3 weeks on that broken ankle before they finally enabled me to go to the hospital to have taken x-rays and get a cask around it.

I think you can understand I lived in a painfull hell for 3 weeks. And of course that pain did not stop immediately nor has it yet. And then something went wrong with my heelbone that greatly contribute(d) to more pain.

I went to a care-home for some weeks. No internet there.

And now I am home again, not able to walk yet, moving around in a wheelchair and nothing in my mind thinks about painting. And I think it will take some time to be able to concentrate on making art.

So for now a little piece of art I did make 2 years ago and I still do like a lot.

Enjoy please.

And tell me, have you ever broken an ankle or another bone in your leg?

How long did it take to mend?

#brokenankle #colour #health #paper

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