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My newest altered book, More steampunk(1)

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Hi my friends,

it has been a long time, but now I have finished a book.

A book with little booklets in it, telling the historie of Steampunk ( based  on wikipedia), of the Victorian era, of steam-engines and more. Between the booklets are embellishments, heat-embossed stencil works, stamps and pictures. Most pictures are from the internet.

The book is for sale. And it’s original printed  language is Frisian.

I hope you will enjoy looking at this book. Let me know in a comment please.

front cover

first inside pages

It says: Different from others, a book with booklets inside.

the story starts

victorian clothes


the biggest (and still working) steam-engine

two men inside the machine

same page but a better view on  punched copper

Het embossed stamp and Victorian clothes

There are more pages with Victorian clothes, but those I will not show here.

stamped embellishment, woman in steampunk clothes

stamped in the explanation about why in steampunk are so many flying machines

More about this book in the next blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading it.

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