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My newest artbook

The sea has always been very dear to me. Maybe even more dear than the trees.

Early in 2016 I started to make a cover and  bound 180 grams aquarelpaper to make a book. A book about the sea. In Duth that is: De Zee.

I did work on it off and on for nearly 2 years. I think it took such a long time because I wanted every page to be right.

Maybe not always artistically right, but right in conveying the emotions I feel when I think about the sea.

I tell some little stories in it ( in Dutch) and I made a poem in which I say my deepest feeling now that I am unable to go to the sea.

Here I will show some pictures of it. There are more pages than I show. What is on them is for the buyer to discover.

Yes the book is for sale, see the sales-page.


Inside the frontcover

a lighthouse

Over the dunes

sea animals

dolphins and such

sea’s secrets

there are a few pages dedicated to the nautical role of the sea

a child’s view about a day on the beach

memories, some pics and little storytelling

two of the many seahorses in this book


I do you have enjoyed it, please let me know.



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