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nature’s colour this week: white

Yesterweek the dominant colour ( besides green) in the pastures was yellow.

This week it certainly is white.

The cow’s parsley borders the bikinglanes with white lace.

bordering the bikinglane

Dandelions are keeping their seeds for a little longer and cover the meadows with a haze of silvery white.

And  eldertrees,  hawthorn and some  chestnuts also bloom in white.

Although my eyes do water and I am sneezing all day (hayfever) I am enjoying all these beauties.

I a week or 2 I will be sneezing even more. Then the  sorrel will bloom, along the bikelanes, but even more on the fields of the nature-reservation-sides.

I love that red-rusty-colour.

This picture I shot  in 2017, then the sorrel was blooming in the same time as the hawthorn.

Ofcourse I also love the blooming of the cherries and apletrees  and the magnolias, but I love the wild trees even more.

Which springflower speaks to you most?

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