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Redoing my Studio

Dear Readers,

those of you who do follow my blog for a longer time do know that due to health-issues I have not been very creative.

Those health issues made me realize 2 things. First: I have to re-arrange items in my studio in another way to be able to take them out of drawers or down from shelves without bending to low or to have to stand upright for morre than a minute. Second: maybe it is sooner than I wished that I have to leave this  beloved house to go living to a house in which I can move better with a wheelchair.

Much of my stuff I did keep in these 3 designer storageclosets. It is an awfull good design and if I would I could ask the factorie ( Kewloxx) to deliver the doors in other materials or other colours. Same goes for the drawerfronts.

I now cannot reach the  top and bottom doors anymore, so I have offered those closets for sale ( on a site called Marktplaats + Marketplace). Upstairs ( where I am unable to go) I do have a very big bookcase. It has not many books in it, only those that did not fit into my other bookcases. That bookcase I want to move in place of the 3 closets.

Because I don’t want all items now in the closet to be seen ( it will look like a mess) And I don’t like to have hundred sorts of boxes in it I have looked for something that would look organized, but was also easy to search trough. ( As a mixed-media-artist I tend to be kind of a hoarder. ) And then I did find a great solution on a site of a shop that sells buildingkits for ships, houses, machines etc.

I will add their you tube video here.  hm cannot embed it, zo please have a look at yoiu tube.So you can see how it can look like. All elements can be snapped with magnets. Or  to be placed unconnected, just as you wish.



For those who don’t want to watch a you tube video I have added a picture of one element.


It will take me some more time to empty the closet and my worktable and much more time to glue all elements. Do you want to see the progress?

Say so in a comment please.   Update: did find a better picture

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