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Seth Apter’s embossing powders for artists

Greetings dear Readers,

Due to some health issues I was not able to create much past weeks.

And I am altering two books at the same time, so that goes even slower than it normaly would.

What I am going to show you today is certainly not art with a capital A.

Some times ago Seth  made public that there would be a new line of embossing powders, specialy made for artists.

I love to work with embossing powders and when I did see the demo-video’s I pre-ordered all of them.

The day before yesterday they did arrive by mail.

Today I was able to test them in my art journal. I also added some of my other embossingpowsers as well. Not all of them because some of them are made to be used on dark backgrounds.

Here you see them:

artjournal embossingpowders

One of the colours of Seth’s line is missing: that is ancient beeswax.

It is the only translucant in the line. In one of the two books I am working on I prepared a page ( with printed tissuepapers, markings and stamps) to use the beeswaxpowder. It has become this:

page with ancient beeswax layer.

I am not unhappy with it, but it needs some more working on, I think. But I have seen in the demo-video’s that I can apply a second layers of the embossing powders on top of the first to get a more smooth surface.

I do hope you will like this post although it is not about Art  😉

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