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Seth’s idea, my interpretation, tutorial 1

Dear readers,

as many of you will know I love most of the things Seth Apter makes.

And I love his generosity in sharing the craftside of his Art. And I am proud having him for an online friend.

About a year ago I discovered Hahnemuehls bambu-paper and I did recommend it to Seth. A few days ago he finally did order it.


( I think he had forgotten al about it) There was this picture on his facebookpage (fbp) :

Art by Seth Apter

He wrote about it that the paper he used were 2 pages of scrapbookpaper glued together. And I commented that I could do the same kind of work with the bamboo-paper, no need to glue 2 pieces together.

And I think that comment triggered the memory 😉 .

Well anyway now I felt I had to deliver… before I would forget it. (Memory of a sieve due to bad medicins some months ago or it is Alzheimers.)

Because I have only seen Seth’s work on that picture I have no idea of how big it is. I know Seth loves to make small things. My hands can not make small movements anymore, so my work will become bigger than his, I guess.

Then I thought it maybe a nice idea to make a kind of a visual tutorial.

So in this first ‘lesson’ I show you part of the things I decided to use ( and of course that can change while working).

First I made a bambu-paper although much less layers than Seth would have made.

Here you see the paper in different stages and some details:

the first few layers

some details:


And some more detailing/making marks and stamping ( handmade stamps by me) :

What do you think? Comments welcome

ADDITION per september 12 2019: Before you start this project: Only the day before yesterday I realised there was no place in my home where my scrolls could swing freely AND have a neutral background. I had to make the pictures of that outside. Then it rained the next day all day, so only today I could make the  pictures of the turning scrolls ( windblown) and I realized that I should have prepared the  paper beforehand to withstand rain and fog and snow and such. So prepare your paper in an early stage if you want to have your scrolls blowing in the wind 😉

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