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Seth’s idea, my interpretation, tutorial 2

In tutorial 1 I did show you how I painted the first paper, I will only use a small strip of it, some 3 cm wide.

Then I selected some paper from my bambu-stash and added one snippet of black canvaspaper, one snippet of paper with alcoholink and a heat embossed blue paper.

gelliplate on bambupaper

zwart canvaspaper and alcohol inked paper

I used a cardboardroll ( on it was paper for presents) to round the selected papers.

I also collected some fabrics, lace and twine in the colours I ment to use.

And because I love the colour of red copper I want to add redcopper-coloured fabric and some washipaper and feathers.

things I intend to use

And some twine and  washitape.

On the 6th of september some baloons bound together with goldthread and ribbons from some fluffy gold fabric landed in my garden and were hooked by a plant. I made the baloons explode ( so they will not add to the plastic soup in the oceans ) and decided to use that too.

I used my Crop-A-Dile 2 to make some holes and eyelets in 2 pieces of paper so I would be able to connect them with thread, like Seth did.

And last but not least I made some clayfigures, on the picture still drying.

What do you think?

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