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Seth’s idea, my interpretation, tutorial 4

Going on with the project

Because I never did work with this brand of selfdrying clay I decided to cover parts of the head and words with acrylic medium, so the other parts could be painted with the first (or only) colour of paint. ( I did that also for the clayforms I will not use in this project.)

the biggest head

more heads some words and steampunk-thingies

To the project I added some gold hazy fabric ( to give it a more feminine touch) and some beige lace to make the most upper roll of paper to go to where I want it ( without my hand holding it while glue would be drying).

I used the small staples from Tim Holtz. Later I will make them invisible.

I also wove some gold fabric through the loops of the paperrolls.

What do you think about it so far?

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