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Seth’s idea, my interpretation, tutorial 5

Past days I have done a lot on the project. As you will see in the pictures I did make 2 words with clay in the molds. One says “Ancient’and the other “myte” ( yeah, I know there must be an h in it , but it isn’t). So I decided to call the scrolls of paper Ancient Mythe.

did paint the clay figures and added 2 heads and the two words to the scrolls.

I added more gold and blue threads to camouflage the small staples.

Do you remember that in tutorial 2 I told you the gold thread and fabric were attached to 2 balloons? In between lots of threads I did discover 2 platic thingies that turned out to be small led lights ( no way to puyt them out, so I don’t know for how long the will shed light in the dark interior of the scrolls. They were somewhat hard to photograph, so I do hope you can see them. WP uses a new edit system, so the oictures are not in time-sequence 😦

light in between the scrolls


light inside

one head


Last stage ( I think) will be the next step: putting the Ancient Mythe onto the blue ring.

What do you think so far?

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