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Hi friends, how are you doing today?

I do hope all is well with you.

As many of you may know I love steampunk. And about 14 days ago I did start making a mini-album with that theme.

And then , starting at september 7th. we had the Merke and at the first day the big defilé with all sorts of wagons build by ‘streets, ‘schools, group of friends, etc.

And one of those wagons was about steampunk. Yeah !  Did make  nearly 200 pics. I used some of those pictures in the mini-album I was making.

I am unable to show you pictures of all pages, but I show some pictures of the front and some pages.

You can see I used different sizes of pages, some can be folded out once or twice and I used many different techniques like stamping, stenceling, heat-embossing, press-embossing and lots of diecuts (Sizzix) of cogs and gears, some heatembossed, some painted with Finnabair’s rustpastes.

I do hope you will enjoy.


Thanks for visiting this blog.

Likes and/or comments are very much appreciated.


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