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some art and some….?

Dear readers,

lately I have been reading a lot ( all 14 volumes of the Wheel of Time by Richard Jordan ), writing a lot ( my own book, but I guess I will need more years to make it even a bit readable). I also used two dies from Sizzix/TimHoltz to make 3 paper houses and one church (all with a lot of glittering ice) to put  electric tealights in  for a more cosy feeling in these dark days.

A friend did give me an old 24 volume encyclopedia and I tried something special to do qith the first  ( A-AQ) volume.

Have you ever seen what Brian Dettmer does with old books?

He is a great artist and his book  are selling for fhousands of dollars. I knew at forehand that , due to my chronic muscle disease, I would never be able to make  an artwork like Brian makes, but I would be able to try out the process to understand how it works.

The encyclopedia I got had very heavy paper and not so much drawings but more (retangle) pictures/photographs.

Carving straight lines is easier than carving free form ofcourse, so that was more easy. But the heavy paper made carving more streneous. and on some days I couldn’t get more than 3 pages done.

Well anyway here two pictures ( front and inside) of my try-out. Certainly not art, but I happy I do now know how the proces works.





After all those things my fingers itched to make some mixed media art and I made this little painting:



It is not for sale because I did make it with a certain person in my mind ( and I hope she will like it).

What do you say about these things?

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