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Dear friends,

Finaly I can show you the pictures of my redesigned studio, ( I told you about my plans and reasons here ).

These were the 3 Kewloxx closets I kept all my stuff in, aside from big papers and canvases etc:

And now it looks like this:

the old bookcase

Also my work table  was changed to a place I can sit on and with ease reach many of the most  needed utensils and materials.

most of my paints are in thiese Ikea kitchen trolleys

On te table:

the righthand corner

in front of me, slightly to the right side

in front of me. The round holes allow me to put away wet brushes for a little while

the last one of the row . On top of the 2 drawers is a little rack to hold snippets of paper, sheets with rub-ons and such

What do you think of it ?

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