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Synchronicity, at the same time…. but there is more to it.

I learned from the internet that when you look at the clock and it sais it is 10 past 10, 0r 8 past 8 or…than you have seen a synchronity.

And I did read that I you ‘meet’ many synchronities you have to heed them, that they are messages.

Beforehand I would never have considered them being messages.  Messages from who or what? Messages about what? How to decipher them ?

I became kind of obsessed by synchronities  in august last year.

Due to my chronic illnesses I do wake up many times each night and most of those times I look at my alarm clock  to see if it would be a smart move to rise and start my day.

Well, last August I did wake up each night on at least 2 synchronacy-times ( I do hope that word is realy exsisting in English. If not I do hope you will know what I mean). Say for instance at 2:22 or 5:55.

Not very alarming at first, but after a few nights with such ‘coincidences’  one begins to wonder. If one wakes at 2:22, 4:04 and 4:44 does one have to pay attention to the numbers 2 and/or 4 ?

Well, my days were very busy and I had no time to think about it much.

And then, in September one night I did wake up at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55. I was glad it is not possible to see 6:66 at my clock.

It did upset me enough to talk about it with a friend and we agreed it was weird.

But after that weirdness 2 synchronities a night are easy-piecy. Not worth thinking of.

But in February this year the nightly synchronities did increase, 4 per night, sometimes 5. Not each night about the same numbers, but mostly  about the numbers 4 and 5.

I do have a book about numbers, but it has to do about translating your birthdate and the letters of your name to numbers that say something about you fate, your personality, your soul and your karma. ( All based on the Kabbalah. ) So I could not see how those numbers could be related to the synchronity numbers I encountered. And let’s face it, I would never have tought I should the word ‘synchronisity’ to this weirdnes.

Until I googled ” 4:44 ” and I found out about ‘synchronosity”.

Well, every article stressed those numbers were very important, a kind of warning for changes you have to make in your life or will be made in your life, for better or worse.

It would have been nice if there had been with it a simple list like 1:01 means.., 1:11 means…, 2:02 means…. and so on. But no, such an article was not there. I found different sites with explanations about the origins of these ‘warnings’.  They differed from God-inpired to demonistic, from Angels to Pagan Gods. But even if two sites agreed about the source, say Angels, then their explanation about the numbers did differ widely.

So my ‘research’ lead to nothing.

At this moment it is 6:33. I did wake up at 5:55 to leave my bed after a night filled with 1:44, 2:22, 2:44, 3:44, 4:22 and 4:44.

Now it is 6:36. Yes I am not writing fast esp in English.

I confess I am worried with those synchronosities. They are like cropcircles.., you think they must have a meaning, a message, but you can not decipher them.

Dou you have anything to do with synchronosities?

If yes, how do you handle them? Do you see them as a blessing or a curse?

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