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The first of 2017

The start of a new year can be so exciting! I decided I wanted to try out working on woodpanels this year.

And that opportunity was given to me. Literally.

You know, my neighbour is a hoarder. He ‘collects’ old metal, machinery ( like a tractor, an old jeep etc.) and wood. The wood is hoarded for his stove, but I guess he can have a fire in his stove for some hundred years to come. His yard is full now it seems and I discovered that now my garage is used by him to stash some nice pieces of wood (originally from a shipbuildersyard). I told him to remove the wood, but that every piece he left in my garage was for me to use or to get rid off.

So there was this triplexpanel. It measures ca 35 x 18 cm.

I used it and it became this:


While [ was working at this piece Seth Apter announced a new project, a collaborative project to make some sort of container to document your creative experiences during the year.

We have t0 hashtag it as  #ARTIfacts and we have to email it to Seth also.

Well, it happens that the diecuts on this page are designed by Seth Apter, so this seems to me a fitting start for my part of the project.

Of course I can not fit woodpannels in a binder or something, but I have ordered  a book with loose pages and plastic covers so I can printout the picture(s) of my artwork and put that in my book. So at the end of this year I will be able (D.V.) to look over all I have done in a year,

Good idea by Seth:)

Will you participate too?

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