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Trump elected.., and now?

It is not my habit to write about important political things. Let alone about things with a global impact. But I have been thinking about the election of Donald Trump so much that now I have to vent.

During the election-race I heard mr Trump say so many things I did not like and I heard other people tell about what they had to go trough thanks to mr Trump, that I did think he could never get elected, because most Americains are good people, the majority of them have immigrant-forfathers and so never would discriminate immigrants as a bunch like Mr Trump did in his statements. Half of the nation is a woman, so how could a man declaring that pussies should be grabbed become elected? The most fearsome thing of Mr Trump was his not knowing the facts, saying things that were untrue. Ignorance could be very very dangerous in a president of one of the superpowers. Combined with a small personality and a flaring temper that could be disaster for all humanity.

And then there was the election. It was in the nighttime here, so only the morning after I heard the news: mr Trump elected! At first I could not believe it. Americans voting for a man who splits the country in two with his ideas?

It took me awhile to realise that because of the strange voting system in the USA (They don’t have a real democratic voting-system with one man – one vote) it was not necessarily a majoritiy that did elect him. And indeed, that turned out to be true, a majority of the voters voted for Hillary Clinton.

In the weeks following I became more and more depressed by the idea that mr Trump was now the President-Elect of the USA. Every quote I read made me fear for the safety of our Planet and all living beings on it. Every person he named for his Cabinet made me feel worse.

I tried to look at this issue from another perspective. If I had been an Amaricain voter would I have voted for Hillary Clinton? Yes.., well.., maybe. I did think Mr Bill Clinton has been a good president and she, being his wife, must know a lot about their her country and about foreign countries. And her 8 years handling the foreign Ministry during the Obama-years ( What a fine man he is ! ) must have added to her knowledge a lot more. She would not easily come with untrue facts. But…. Yes, there is a but in my opinion. A big But…. For years now I do worry about how greed for money destroys our planet, how CEO’s of Global Cooperations dictate their politics to the governements of countries, how banking managers get very high salaries and bonuses while our taxmoney had to bail out their banks. Nothing has changed since the crash in 2008, it goes on and on and on.

And Hillary Clinton did give ( highly paid) speeches for those rich, powerfull and greedy persons. She belongs to them. Or likes to belong to them. Would she say: “Okay, everyone a millionaire will now pay 50%-taxes over every penny more that $ 100.000,= From those taxes we will roll out more of Obama-care”. ? No, I don’t think so. With her the establishment would stay safe. (And I think that is why the Democratic Party made election impossible for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders would have surely changed a lot of things, for instance made it possible for Americans to import prescription drugs from Canada so that Americains would no longer have to pay the highest price for medication.)

If Hillary Clinton had been elected we abroad would have tought: “Americans are okay, they are not opposed to feminisation, they have chosen a woman for the first time. Well done. And she is not sowing hate like her opponent did do.”

Yes, comparing those two , Hillary Clinton would have been seen as a blessing.

BUT with her as a President nothing would have changed for the better ( of the world). Certainly the ideas of the President-Elect, mr Trump are no better, even worse. He certainly will make changes ( and highly probably those will be changes I will depise), but the way he makes those changes ( bluntly and highly visible) will waken up many people. Even among those goodwilling, angry, scared, poor, non-racist voters for him. (Racists are sooo stupid you can not expect any sense from them.) And then all of the nation would cry out for real changes, changes that benefit not a small group but all of them.

With Trump as President, the USA may see a (r)evolution it could never see with Hillary Clinton as a President. And in America’s wake many countries may follow to a world where everything will be evenly shared, where justice is important, where everyone has access to housing, clean water, clean energy, food and schooling. Where our Earth will be restored to health. We realy could become ONE WORLD.

Blessed be all.




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