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Two new pieces

Hi All,

thanks for visiting my blog ( again).

We did have two nice ( warm) days and today some rain. My garden is happy with the rain, And I know about a critter that will be happy also; I spotted this baby last saturday on a road with blessed little trafic:

But back to basics: Art. I completed two pieces. One a real mixed media work (with ofcourse some diecuts made with dies of Seth Apter).

It is a piece I have mixed feelings about. The background is in majority a rosy lightbrown. It was the only colour I could think of that would go along well with the different colours of the diecuts, but I do think it is a little drab. But I like the composition— for as far as I do understand composition…

Anyway, this work is called The Red Thread.

The red thread

The second piece makes me very happy. It has a lot of very vibrant orange in it and gold and teal cracklepaste. And a lot of layers underneath. The piece is still un-named and I would love it when you will give me one or more suggestions in a comment.

o and offcourse you can click the pictures to see them bigger.

And these two are also for sale. 🙂

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