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UFO’s and cropcircles

Dear readers, yes I know , both ufo’s and cropcircles are discutable things.

And discutable in this sense means you can not discuss them AND being taken seriously.

Well, I am over 60 now and I do not care anymore if people think I am a crackpot.

So I want to bring out my conviction that a) UFO’s are spaceships from extra-terrestials and  b) that cropcircles are made by those ET’s in UFO’s.

I tell you why I am sure about that, starting with B, the crop-circles.


I have been reading a lot about cropcrcles and I have enjoyed their beauty by looking at pictures ( see for instance my picture-collection at Pinterest

https://nl.pinterest.com/cecile53/cropcircles-sacred-geometry-and-strange-things/  )

I have read about man-made cropcircles and why they are different from not-men-made ones ( something to do with radiation that deformes the nodes allowing the crop to keep growing after having been bent down).

Every men can see in the beauty and complexity of the patterns that those cropcircles are not made by whirlwinds, plasma-vortexes and ball-lightnings.  An intelligent being must be making them.

Humans? Possible IF they have more days and nights to work on one circle unobserved  and would have a yet unknown portable devise working like a microwave to change the nodes of the grain. Or could make patterns in the snow without walking too and fro the pattern, Or…

Yes, ofcourse I have read, sometime soon after the discovery of one off the first cropcircles in the UK about the two men confessing they were the makers of those cropcircles. It was in many newspapers. And I did wonder why not one reporter asked the pair the simple question: “How were you able to make 3 pairs of cropcircles, each at least 500 miles from each other in one night?” ( A question a reporter could have asked if he had taken care to know when and where crop circles had emerged.)

They did not ask that question and kept spreading the news that people by means of a rope, a peg in the ground and walking on wooden boards made those circles.

When later on was disclosed that those two men were former secret agents and worked their tale on behave of the UK-government only a few newspapers printed this debunking story and even then with the denial of the governement of those two men having been in their service.

Since then mainstream public declared you a crackpot as soon as you said to believe cropcircles were not men-made, but made by another intelligence and as far as you were concerned that other inteligence were ET’s.

There are eyewithness papers in which is told that people have seen some fast flying balls of light to make the cropcircles. Some did see beams coming from an UFO making those patterns.

For me there is evidence enough to be sure cropcircles are made by ET’s.

But okay, I am a crackpot also believing UFO’s are spaceships from ET’s, so what can you expect?

So to question a) Why do I believe UFO’s are spaceships belonging to aliens?

Thousands and thousands of people have seen ufo’s, some are in pictures, some are on video.Some are in very old paintings or carved in the walls of the tombes of old pharao’s.

The cruxifiction, 1350 AD

egyptian hieroglyphs

So we know ufo’s were seen for at least some 5000 years.

We do not know what behaviour people noted in those days about UFO’s, but there are many wittnesses in our time and recordings of radar that show that those UFO’s were flying along planes, out of vulcanos, between tall buildings. We know they can accelerate very very fast and can make 90-degrees corners at top speed. That conviced me that there must inteclligence working in them and I am pretty sure  human science has not developped far enough to make our planes and flying saucers and whatever secret flying things the militairy has turn 90 degrees full speed.

So that is why I do believe aliens are steering those UFO’s and that UFO’s are spaceships.

Once I was a member of the onlinegroup SETI.nl.

(The seti at home project is a project to decipher data from a radio-telescope in many many home-pc’s. The beleive is that every civilisation once uses radio and when we can find those signals and decipher them we know where to look for our space-brothers.).

I do not think that is the smartest way to find our spacebrothers, but it was a nice group to belong to,,, to a certain height.

You see, they all did believe there must alien civilisations, but in majority they did not believe ufo’s are aliens spaceships, aliens could not be visiting earth and so on.

No discussion possible, because thinking ufo’s are alien spacecraft is not scientific. And SETI at home is about science.

“Ofcourse all pictures of ufo’s are vague or the video’s bumpy, otherwise you would see immediately they are faked”, was one of the reasons.

Yeah, well, most people nowadays do not have camera’s  with them but take pictures and video’s with their cellphones. and those devices are not easy to stablize, esp not if you are shocked by what you see.

With my camera I sometimes try to make pictures of flying birds. With one shot per click I hardly ever manage to make a picture of a bird, let alone of a very fast flying ufo. So I think it is very normal that pictures of UFO’s do look blurry.

And that is without  something many eyewitnesses report:  Alien spacecraft can dissapear from sight in a blink, maybe they have some cloaking device, maybe a shift infrequencie makes them invisable to our eyes.

Well, there are some more reasons I do blieve ufo’s are alien spaceships and they are flying around our Earth.

In the past 40  years I have seen an ufo  5 times.

The first one was when I was living in Alphen a.d.Rijn. My youngest son is now 38, he was 2 years young then and he was in a buggy, we had to go up a steep slope and I looked up to make sure no bicyclist came down when I saw the thing, right above my head. It was a huge aluminium cilyndre with a bend down pointy nose. I stared to the thing and tried to decide how big it was. At least as big as a Zeppelin, I did think. I looked down to my son to see if he was allright. He was looking to the sky to, both arms reaching up. I looked up again and … there was nothing to see anymore. The thing had vanished.

The second one was seen by my husband and me together, it flew silently past our bedroomwindow, some 500 metres away, it was kind of a cone, maybe 15 metres high. It was illuminated by orange light of streetlamps beneath it, but I think it’s own colour was like white enemal.

The third one I saw was while I lived in Gouda. I did live there for about 16 years. I cannot remember what year it was, but I know it was summer, because I was watering the plants on the roofgarden. I stopped a while to watch the sun come up behing some trees at the horizon when I saw the thing. It flew from east to west, against the wind, it flew above the ‘Krimpenerwaard” and I could see it go from the eastern horizon till far in the west. It was a black diamond-shaped thing that kind of flew like a butterfly, it looked like it tumbled through the air.

In 2010 I moved to the house I do live in now.

In the summer of 2012 my mother and I were sitting outdoors, on the western patio.

Over the roof of a barn from a neighbour I did see the fourth ufo. It was metallic like a plane in the sun, but it was no plane. I asked my mother to turn around and see if she could see what kind of thing it was. She could neither.

Then I did remember I did have a camera. but I realised that it should be gone out of sight before I would be able to get my camera from inside the house. So no picture.

The thing looked like two big shippingcontainers with rounded corners with a tube from at least 1 x 3 meters between them.

I can not draw well with my computermouse, but it looked a bit like this:

Before I tell about the fifthe ufo I did see I like to show you this picture:

Intriguing, is it not? And ofcourse, like the three piramids in Egypt here is the belt of Orion again also.

Okay, the fifth , This was one that realy scared me. Here it can be seen on a picture from the spacestation. picture in NASA archive.

Octobre last year, it was evening and allready dark. I stepped out of the backdoor to throw some things into the garbagebin. When I am outside at night I always look up to  see the nightsky. I like to see the stars, sometimes planets and satelites. Even with the kitchenlight on behind me, this village is dark enough to see so many more stars than I could see in Gouda. But that night, a big triangle of the sky was not darkblue as it should be, but black and lightless. Something was blocking part of the sky and it was high enough not to catch light from the village.

To me it felt like that triangle, or maybe I must say a boomerang ( it was something between the two) was up very high and it must be very very large. It felt bigger than the village. I was so scared that I dropped the garbage  and then 3 enormous lights on that ship went on. Three domes under the triangle did give a brown-orangish glow!

And then, without a sound the thing moved to the west-south-west. So fast my eyes had troubles following it.

I went inside as fast as I could, locked the door and made sure all doors were locked. It took a while to calm myself.Then I went to my mothers room to see she was safe ( yes she was) and to see that cat Benno was in ( yes he was).

The following morning I retreived the fallen garbage and put it in the bin. But since then I often look to that part of the sky at night and am releived each time when there is nothing more to see than a dark blue nightsky with some stars in it.

Okay, dear readers, what do you think?

Am I a crackpot?

Have you ever seen an UFO? And what do ýou’ think about UFO’s?



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