• Cécile Graven

Underpainting 2

I have been working a bit more on the underpainting. I  find that I like painting this landscape. I do hope the work will finish well. Up untill now I like it so much that I wonder why I never tried to paint a landscape before.

underpainting 2

I did add some dark patches in what will become the meadow at the left, a light gray glaze on the road and some details to the treetrunk.. The grassy borders of the road have now some colourmarks on them. I added the bedinning of a farmhouse and at the horizon I added the steeple of the  very high church in my small village.

If you have some good tips and trucs for me about how to proceed, please do 🙂 If you see things I did wrong,please tell me in a comment. I like to learn 🙂

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