• Cécile Graven

Universal growth

Acrylpaint-pouring is all over youtube these days.

I wanted to try it out but was not ready to invest in materials I did not have allready, so I tried it with some water diluted paint, some pourol and some alcohol. I did not get the ‘cells’ it is all about, but I like the result.

This piece is made on a canvas of 24x 40 cm and I call it  Universal Growth.

There is a thick layer of highgloss varnish on it which I shaped into 3 dimensions.

I am curious to know if you like it and why yes or no.

Thanks for looking and commenting 🙂

BTW This is ARTfact 13  😉

Universal Growth


#art #kunst #SethApter #ARTIfacts #mixedmedia #tekoop #acrylic

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