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I do adore fountains and rainchains.

But I did not want to spend electric-energy and I did not want thick electric cables from the shed to the patio.

But then I could buy for under 5 euro a nice rainchain and I could not withstand the temptation.

Well, but I do not have free raindrains at my house, all go underground.

So I needed a little fountainpump, didn’t I ? On solarenergy, yes? It must be a very small pump because the raindrain could absorb very little water, so the water must come slowly.

Trouble was the water would not go up more than 30 cm.

My neighbour did find me a very small tube.

Now the water can rise somewhat higher.

I now have a fountain, sort of.

I have to adjust it for a better look.

my fountain

But at least it is working now 🙂

working now

And the sound is beautiful.

A soft tinkling in the redcopper buckets and little splashes when the water reaches ‘the pond’.

The birds love it also, so that I have to go and clean my table from birdpoo.

Do you like the sound of streaming water?

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