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Will it become art?

Dear reader,

I have to confess something terrible:  I love glitter and especialy Stickles. Well, I decided that for my next mixed=media-canvas I wanted a light background with a lot of stickles. In the evenig with halogene-lighting it looked fabulous, some colours reflecting and over it a dazzle of fractioned light by briljant – and irridiscent stickles.

But in daylight it looks awfull (Unless you move it in the light, but alas, canvasses do not move by themselves while hanging on a wall).


So I have to find another way to make an interesting light background.

Why do I need a light background?

Because I did make some dark thingies.

Dark thingies? Uhm yes, uhm yes dark thingies.

Another confession: I like to colour paper by pressing paper on a kind of gelliplate. Kind of a gelliplate, because the real ones are far to expensive I think and making gelly is no option either I think. So I use a silicone coaster ( to prevent  hot pans burning your tabletop). This is the one I use:


I printed some paper, used some of my home-made stamps on them( with white, platinum, black and red inks)  and used  the paper for diecutting. I diecutted 2 layers of cardboard and one layer of painted paper and glued them on top of each other. (Dies from Sizzix. Tim Holtz)


I like how the colours turned out on these  wings and gears. And although I have photographed them  from above, the shadow indicates something about their 3-dimensionallity.

Some other diecuts I used one layer only and I used some ready bought diecuts of cardboard to heat emboss with silver, red and blue  and I added some rustpaint ( from Finnabair).


When I will have found the right solution to make the background as I wish, I must be able to mix all those different parts to become a mixed media artwork. Will I succeed? I do hope so.


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