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Work In Progress (1)

Hi All,

once finished this work will become a new ARTifact on paper. like the one before.

I have understood that some of you are wondering about the proces of making such work with the alcohol splattering and therefor I have made pictures of the different stages of this ( unfinished) work.

You could say it is a sort of a tutorial.

the first layer, after the alcohol has dried

use water to moisten the paint/paper

bring on a second layer of thinned paint and use alcohol to splatter or spritze

dry thoroughly

wet the dryed paint, add another layer and repeat the splattering and drying

repeat the steps as often as you like

starting to define areas which will become foreground and background

outlining with one of the softened colours from the painting, using white to make it opaque

accenting more details  , light blue on what I mean to become background

making a difference in light and shadowside of the lining

and more

I did think the light blue was too much, so I added shades of lilac ( all transparant) over the blue.

If I remember I will take pics and post them here.

I do hope you have enjoyed seeing how such a work is made.

Thanks for visiting.. and likes and comments are appreciated 🙂





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